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Anybody want to split a big CD-R order?

Anybody out there want to split-order some rainbow pack Lightscribe CD-Rs?

Rainbow colour packs of Lightscribe CD-Rs come in five colours, four of which I do not give a damn about. I only want green. My green-only cakepack supplier of MBI discs is out of stock, and is in fact scalping their own last few spindles on eBay for nearly the price, and frankly, I’d rather go with Memorex’s green disc instead of MBI’s green disc anyway. But I’ll look at other brands too.

We can take five spindles and sort ‘em by colour. If there aren’t enough of us I can probably be talked into taking another colour for a future project. Anybody interested? Seriously, talk to me.

Also, don’t forget – end of day April 1st for the review raffle! It’s easy to enter, there really aren’t many rules. XD Clickie!

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