Solarbird (solarbird) wrote,

international fukkit day

i am told today is international fukkit day. the all lower-case is important. this is good because i’m pretty wiped from the Genticorum afterparty last night. XD

I mean, seriously, even Anna was all ‘but there’s still crisps and stompy’ as we dragged ourselves home to bed sometime after 1am. On a Sunday.

A week from today! I’m a guest on The House of Julie, a variety/chat show held in a theatre:

Chapel Performance Space at the Good Shepherd Center, (4649 Sunnyside Ave N), Wallingford, Seattle, Monday, April 30th at 7:30pm. Poster here.

I’m gonna make some sound baffles today, and make video of that for youtubes. Bending carpet seems about the right speed right now. And I’m pretty sure you won’t see that on The Legend of Korra. XD

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