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promote your stuff day

Been crazy busy this week! Leannan Sidhe just left, having popped up for a few days for Westercon rehearsal, work on a new track for her Roses and Ruin project, a particularly spectacular Wednesday night live webcast hangout, and general plottery of mayhem.

Not to mention hackery.

So much speaker hackery

There’s enough to know here that I’ll write a little series on cheap home-studio build-out next month. Anyone wanting a jump on that: learn to solder. :D

But today is YOU GUYS PLUG YOUR STUFF day! I haven’t had one of these in a while and it’s overdue. In comments, PLUG YOUR STUFF! Include links. I’ll make a compilation post next week, probably Wednesday, because Monday is Part III of the RIAA article series.

I’ll get us started with two things from other people. One: The Harmonic Fire Pendula project, over on Kickstarter. Fish at Attoparsec is doing this huge fire sculpture that makes neat patterns with flame. Here’s a video of the 1/3 scale model; the final will be three times larger:

Two: Angela Korra’ti’s Faerie Blood, for which I was book designer, and for the sequel I’m doing the book soundtrack, is now on the Nook and now also on Kindle! Since those are eBook versions there’s not much of my design in them other than cover text, but still. You can see my actual design in the print edition, once that comes off the press next week, and also in the PDF, which is specifically designed to be Retina-display friendly.

And I’ll be doing a new song from the soundtrack at Westercon. Just sayin’. ^_^

Now, ready… steady… PLUG YOUR STUFF! :D

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