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see you at westercon?

Had a really good tech runthrough yesterday/last night for Friday’s show, and hung out with Anna and Paul and Jenny and Leannan and K and GlaDOS before fireworks. No time for anything AT ALL right now, though, too busy getting ready for that and the rest of Westercon:

Don’t forget, Friday’s show will be webcast at! Showtime 8pm.

Meanwhile, have some cool links!


(For everyone else: it’s the handout going with a panel on getting equipment for cheap, with resource links. It’s intended to work standalone as well, so give it a look if you’re into that. I’ll also be running this for nwcMUSIC 2013 at Norwescon 36.)

I’ll bring up this article on “evolving” music at the Alien Musicology panel on Saturday.

Credit where credit is due: Texas town turns abandoned Wal*Mart into massive library. POINT TO HOUSE MCALLEN.

And finally: How was the world to end? Pre-World War II apocalypse cinema, courtesy VCON.

See you next week!

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