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amalgamating links


I’ve amalgamated links to all the posts in the Studio Buildout article series in one place, here. That’s now also linked off the DIY section of the Videos page.

Most of the questions that I’d like to refer to blog posts involve studio buildout, but are there any other post series you’d like to see have amalgamation pages like this? They’re easy to make.

The Geekmusic Podcast has had its own page for a while, but it’s also finally linked to somewhere – specifically, off the Videos page, in the Podcasts section. It won’t get its own top-level menu entry any time soon, but it’s connected.

And finally, the contact page now also links to a contact form, hosted on the blog, so anybody who is weird about email can use a form that … sends mail to the same place. I’m not sure why that’s important, but apparently it can be, so I added one.

As always, bug reports are appreciated!

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