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all the moons of mongo

Before I became a musician, I was a glass sculptor. I didn’t melt glass and form it that way; I broke, cut, assembled, built. I’d use metal and plastics and silicon with the glass. I rose through the local neighbourhood show circuit and won some judge’s awards and got into galleries and then into a srs bsns downtown gallery, and sold a bunch of pieces. You can see photographs of many sold and unsold pieces here, but here’s a large one that sold at that last downtown show:

Gods at War

It was shortly after that – reasonably successful – downtown gallery show that when I realised… this just isn’t my art. Not in the sense of evoking passion, anyway. And the ideas just stopped.

Despite that, I kept the studio wondering if that art would turn itself back on. It didn’t. So, I’ve decided enough is enough: I’m not going back to this. I’ve found another glass artist who wants my raw materials; I’m turning the space into a rehearsal studio! This is awesome and exciting.

But there’s a lot of sculpture still sitting out there. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF THESE WORKS. If you’re interested in any of the pieces, make an offer. If you’re local or can get to Seattle, that offer can be a willingness to pick it up – tho’ I’d at least like to get materials cost back. I’d so much rather have them in someone else’s houses than gathering dust in an attic, there just aren’t words.

Remembering Someone Else’s Grandmother

A couple more are finished but not photographed; Water Dragon is the better example. Depending on how this goes, I’ll get around to that.

Many are too big to ship without hiring someone. Some smaller pieces (such as Breech and Remembering Someone Else’s Grandmother) should be fairly simple.

And then, there’s the unfinished All the Moons of Mongo:

All the Moons of Mongo

A huge piece, originally envisioned as a wall hanging; kind of a frieze. That was not a good idea. So in the end, it became a mobile assemblage – each moon (Frigia, Land of the Lion Men, Arboria, City of the Hawkmen, Mingo City/Ming’s Palace) is separate, with a metal grid base of aluminium. Each one is intended to be displayed individually around a large room, and they can be stacked as seen here – tho’ the wood blocks visible here would be replaced by glass brick I never bought.

It’s about 90% complete. I will finish this if someone wants it.

Otherwise, it’ll be disassembled.

This isn’t to say I dislike like the piece – or any of the work. I’m entirely fond of it. Of the ones that didn’t sell back when I was doing this for galleries, there several I’m just going to keep – they’re marked on their individual pages as collection-of-the-artist.

(tiny and not available; it hangs in my house)

But of all this – there are just far too many, and they’ve been sitting far too long. It needs to get out and into the world. So if any of it strikes your fancy, make an offer. Even if that offer is just a willingness to pick it up – particularly in the case of All the Moons of Mongo. Yes, you, too, could have a kingdom of Mongo, to rule as your own. I’d much rather you had it in your house, than it be scattered…

…into atoms.

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