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life with supervillainy: the enermat

Solarbird pokes at Scrabble tiles. I can spell ENERMAT.
Solarbird says, “Which sounds like it should be a word. From, idk, SF. In the 40s.”
GrendelFish says, “Sounds like part of the Cyberman lifecycle”
Solarbird says, “Or what they’d consider a cute corner cafe, really.”
GrendelFish . o O ( You see, Tegan, if a Cyberman doesn’t return to the Enermat at least once a week, their power source becomes dangerously unstable. )
Solarbird giggles at GrendelFish.
Solarbird says, “So the first warning of a Cyberman invasion isn’t the stompy, but the sudden appearance of Enermat franchise stories on every street corner.”
GrendelFish grins.
Solarbird says, “Coffee and battery recharge.”
Solarbird . o O ( and of course ‘Enermat’ in Cyberman language is actually pronounced ‘starbucks’ )
GrendelFish says, “it’s like how classic Daleks had to wait for civilizations to invent the equivalent of the ADA before invading.”
Solarbird [to GrendelFish]: Which means it’s amazing they ever invaded England at
GrendelFish [to Solarbird]: Why do you think they had to keep doing it?
Solarbird says, “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh”

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