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The American torture regime

There's very little more to say about the American torture regime I hadn't already said before over the last many years, before people stopped listening. Americans like their torture regime almost as much as they like their police state. Nothing I've seen in this report is really new, and before you fall over yourself quoting John McCain's recent comments, remember how much time he spent actively protecting, supporting, and suppressing information about everything that's in this report. He's an opportunist and that's fucking all.

So if you're a supporter of the barbarism of torture and support the American torture regime, please just save us both some time and unfriend me now. I just had to do that on Facebook and I'll do it here too.

And just in case anyone feels like saying anything about "reasonable debate" about torture: you can't have "reasonable debate" about anything so devoid of reason. I will not waste my time on it or the psychopaths who try to legitimise torture by pretending it is a "reasonable" position. It is not. It is intrinsically the opposite of reason.

Torture's sole intelligence purpose is to get the answer you already want to hear, regardless of whether there's anything true in it. Beyond that, it is about nothing other than pathological sadism and lust for revenge. It is its own means and its own end, and nothing but.

Do you think torture had been abandoned before out of the goodness of peoples' hearts? No. It had been abandoned because people figured out this is all it is.

So if you support torture anyway, that tells me all I need to know. And what I know is that I do not fucking want to know you. I mean it: unfriend me. Now.

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