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Conneticut uses No-Fly list to restrict firearms purchases

I've got people I know on Facebook endorsing this:

Connecticut to ban gun sales to 'no fly' listers

They shouldn't.

I'm not even here to argue about gun rights. I'm here to argue about process of law.

The "no-fly" list is lawless. There's no real way to know you're on it, you're not told, you can't know why you're on it, there's no judicial process, there's no right to confront accusers, there's no appeal, there's no way off unless you Know Someone and maybe not even then; it is the opposite of law.

The inevitable creeping expansion of this intrinsically abusive system is one of the reasons I've been fighting this system since it was instituted.

I expect Mr. Trump's supporters will love it, because it's without law.

Do not play the "Now it's doing something I want done, so that makes it okay" game. THAT NEVER ENDS WELL. JUST LOOK AT THE LAST 15 YEARS FOR HOW WELL THAT GOES.

This is not a positive step for any agenda other than authoritarianism. This must be fought, not embraced - even if it's being used for something you happen to like. This time.

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