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Rainbowcon I minireport, Rainbowcon II is Go

Had good fun at the small but enthusiastic Rainbowcon I over the weekend; met a bunch of new people; Annie and Tim Walker and Dave Clement (the GoHs) are all really nice, and I may have recruited Tim into a bit of fan music silliness I started at one point and have been wanting to finish for a while. (He can play horns.)

There were workshops and lots of playing sessions and more workshops and also we did a whole set of songs about dead animals for some reason.

Why are there so many / songs about corpses?
Why did they all have to die?
Was it the bullets? / Or maybe a comet?
What was that thing in the sky?

Rainbowcon II has been confirmed, with GoH announcements on Saturday night: April 28-30, 2017, Seattle; GoHs Alexa Klettner (Germany), and Trickster & King (Ada Palmer and Lauren Schiller, together the band Sassafras). Details here.

Front row, L to R: Dave Clement, Annie Walker, Tim Walker, Rainbowcon I GoHs, in workshop

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