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More on journalist arrests at the RNC

DemocracyNow producer Nicole Salazar's camera footage from her arrest while attempting to cover a police action at the Republican National Convention. I think I hear her trying to offer her press credentials to the riot police, but I can't be sure of that. This is before she's screaming "PRESS! PRESS!" as she's knocked to the ground:

Video post-release, after being charged with felony intent to riot:
Not very long ago, press credentials somewhat reliably prevented your arrest when attempting to cover news stories - even IMC passes like I had got you a nod as long as you had a professional's camera. I got a lot of the tear-gas two-step at Seattle WTO, but the police never moved directly against me, with my credentials (lame tho' IMC credentials are) prominently showing. Clearly, that's no longer the case.
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