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nnngh h8

Macbook dropped off: sucks to be me until next week. Or later. NNngh.

I've been working with kimo trying to get that machine to have a new HD and dual-boot WinXP and Linux. I think, or thought, I had all the partitions set up and the Windows partitions from the old HD copied over, but only one of them mounts properly under Linux and I have no idea what's wrong with the other one but NTFS-fs thinks it's horribly corrupted. In both cases, I made new partitions larger than the originals; the one that worked is FAT32, the one that didn't is NTFS. Would this have fucked things up on NTFS?

Also, and even more annoyingly, I can't write the old MBR onto the new drive, so I thought np, I'll run repair from the WinXP Pro install disc that I of course still have. So I boot off it, and XP checks hardware, and hangs. Hard. No idea why. This is the same install disc I used for this same machine with identical hardware except for the new hard drive, and the new hard drive is just a plain old ATA/EIDE single drive, so I doubt that's it. No error messages, no nothing; black screen and GTFO.

Oh, the linux partition is so I can run ardour. Eventually. I hope. I suppose I could throw out the old media drive (which is dying of plate rot anyway) and make a non-boot NTFS partition on the new drive to replace that, and boot Linux off the second partition on the new drive, but I don't want to keep the original crap drive because it made XP performance a world of pain, and I'd like this 2.7Ghz machine not to be slower and more painful to use than the PIII/550 I'm using right now.

So other than RAGE, anybody got any suggestions?
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