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hee hee hee hee hee

So, ysabel played the short test recording of January to a friend, and now diego001 is my first CD's second sponsor! Thanks! ^_^ (I still can't get over the idea that anybody would want to do that. It just makes me giggle. Hee hee hee hee hee *^_^*;; )

(I guess I'm gonna have to actually make all this shit work now! Today it only took 10 minutes to get the DAW to acknowledge my microphone inputs, and it didn't even break output fixing it. I don't know why it quit; I even left it running overnight after yesterday's misadventures. Oh, yesterday it wouldn't do input OR output OR talk to my monitor properly anymore (to wit: fuck! they broke plug-and-play again!) and that took 3.5 hours to make go. So I left it running. I thought that'd mean everything would still work today. Well, mostly. Anybody who thinks Linux is "ready for the desktop" needs to come off the crystal meth. Now.

But honestly, there must be a stable point in here somewhere. People actually use this shit! And it can't be like this for everybody! I blame, I dunno, Compaq. And possibly global warming.)
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