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Anna's book is out, go buy it!

So my partner annathepiper wrote a book called Faerie Blood, out now from Drollerie Press, and it's currently available for purchase here, at the publisher's website. (It'll be on Amazon soon, too.). It's currently in ebook form only - tho' that includes things like PDF so you don't need special hardware, any computer will do. A paperback version will come out if and when sales of the ebook are high enough, which means if you want a hardcopy, you need to buy an electronic copy first!

It's got Seattle, trolls, fairy biker gangs, and elfin Elvis impersonators, and you can go ahead and read the first two chapters here to see whether you might think you'd like it. What else could you possibly need?
Tags: atypical events of scale, awesome, good news everyone, squeee!
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