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well, at least the stock markets are happy

Good evening.

Remember that Mortgage Backed Securities market chart from Wednesday, and how they were calling it Black Wednesday by Thursday, but it recovered a little on Friday? Here's today:

Chart courtesy tf:Zarathustra. If that doesn't correct that'll be another half point to one point added to most mortgage rates.

The Treasury market is acting very strangely, even for recent times, with extremely high - even record-setting - microvolitility. People who follow that market closely are concerned. Also, the yield curve continues to get steeper as foreign interest moves to shorter and shorter Treasuries.

The US dollar tanked hard this morning but recovered most of its losses by EOD and the DX is currently hanging around 79.1. Oil was up again, despite a US dollar ending flat for the day. The Canadian dollar is up to US91.5¢.

The Institute for Supply Management reports US manufacturing contracted for the 16th straight month in May. By contrast, China's expanded for the third month in a row, but remember that they need about 7% just to keep a population-workforce crisis at bay. Mish thinks most of the China boost is in stimulus money.

Meanwhile, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tried to reassure Chinese students about US dollar assets. They laughed at him. Brad Setzer at the CFR notes that while US government borrowing from foreign capital has soared, private has collapsed, so the total borrow is actually down a bit from peak.

GM was everywhere, so I don't see any need to go on more about it here. Good luck tomorrow!
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