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Surprise SFU/Burnaby Setlist

Back from Vancouver! With annathepiper (whose book Faerie Blood you should buy, btw) and spazzkat (whose comic Bacon for Birds you should read btw) and wow I'm sleepy. We went on Friday to see cow, trading weekend cities with hsifyppah who went to Boston as I came back from the same! I told her to wave from the Copley Square library fast enough that it goes back in time and waves to me when I was performing there last weekend. hsifyppah and John Caspell's CD Steel Cage Match has just come out and through a conspiracy of MOOers and garlic naan, cow got me a copy! And I got it on Friday night. Yay!

Saturday we just went all kinds of places including Little Sister's bookstore, which is famous for fighting free-speech cases (and winning them! Yay Charter of Rights and Freedoms!) in Canadian courts. I bought a couple of books including the horror collection Fist of the Spider Woman (Arsenal Pulp Press), a collection of lesbian horror, and I'm hoping that'll be fun. And annathepiper and spazzkat and I finally went to check out an area in Richmond known as Chibi Akihabara. It has a couple of large complexes - Yaohan Centre (and annex-of-sorts President's Square) and Aberdeen Centre, which turned out actually to be a lot of fun - good foods, good bookstores, many good shops. While it's no Akihabara for reals, Aberdeen Centre did feel just a little like a smaller version of Queen's Square in Yokohama, which was pleasantly nostalgic. spazzkat found a bunch of stuff he wanted and I saw some really obscure stuff, like a Mononoke Neko keychain from Namjatown(!), and yes, that's the one the song is named after omg.

Then later while annathepiper and spazzkat were resting up, cow and I took off to check out the new building and location of Long & McQuade, a musical instrument store. They're not bad, but they didn't have a huge selection of things like mandolin. On the other hand, when I told them that the "irish bouzouki" strings they had from D'Addario aren't actually Irish Bouzouki strings, they're octave mandolins strings, they were all "-_-; we know" and I didn't even have to explain why. They make custom sets for people instead. So they get points for that. And eventually we met all up with gerimaple and had awesome dinnars at Steamworks and crepes at Chocoatl in Yaletown.

Sunday we went out for AWESOMEBAGELS at Siegel's Bagels in Kits, stopping first at Bojangles along False Creek for quick tea before taking the Tiny Boats! (a.k.a. "AquaBus") across False Creek to Granville Island as part of the trip to get up to Siegel's. None of us (except cow of course) had been on the Tiny Boats before - they're little pedestrian-only ferries that carry like 10 or 12 people each, and they're really cute, and you get a great view of both the upper and lower mainland coastline along the way.

After bagels, we headed over to SFU for the open mic at Renaissance Coffee in UniverCity, which I wanted to play. spazzkat got the Caprica tour while I tuned and got ready - and then the guy running the open mic just kind of handed me the floor for almost 45 minutes! So I had SUDDEN GIG! He didn't really say he was doing that in advance, either; I got up there to do two or three songs and then he just kept telling me to do one more, which was pretty awesome, if a little confusing at times. Eventually he came up and tried to join me in Stars, and took back over. I gave him my card later, he wanted my email address.

Anyway, Surprise Setlist of Surprise at SFU! I'm not sure of the order, because it was all ad hoc, and it's short for the time because 1) I talk a lot between songs and 2) the organiser loaned me his headset mic and it was too small for my GNORMOUS HED so he kept adjusting it to try to make it work right. But! the list:
Cascadia, How I Have Missed You
Goin' Up (with the intro and bridge I wrote)
When You Leave
Let Me Help
Thought You Knew
I think I'm missing one more song but I'm not sure. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow. Having mic only for your voice and not for your instrument is weird, because you sound like THUNDER on the monitors and you instrument sounds tiny and distant even if out there in the audience your singing is actually a tad quiet and hard to hear over the strings.

And now we're back and I'm sleepy. That was fun! Thanks cow for hosting us in his Apartment of Epic Views! and for Renaissance Coffee and the guy who runs the open mic whose name I forgot. My next public show is Noon on Friday at the Bothell Country Village Farmer's Market. They don't really have much of a performance area - I think I'll talk to them about that, I have a half-formed idea - so it won't be as nice as Lake City or SFU, but it should still be fun. But now for sleeps! G'night!
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