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I've been moving the studio and as part of that getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I have:
  • A bunch of used-once VHS tapes
  • A bunch of once-used SVHS videotapes
  • A stupid number of once-used double-density 3.5" floppy diskettes
  • A similarly stupid number of once-used high-density 3.5" floppy diskettes
  • A TI-99/4A keyboard, without case (replacement unit - labelled TI 99/4, but it's full keys, not chicklet; includes pinout
  • Coleco ADAM keyboard, without case (replacement unit), includes pinout
  • A Dustbuster vacuum lacking the filter attachment (works otherwise)
  • A 2MP digital camera (Olympus) that got knocked onto the ground at the Flower and Garden Show a few years ago and does work but only at widest zoom. (This is the old printing camera that printeds to Polaroid 500 film, which is no longer available.) You can zoom further in, but it won't focus right if you do. This is probably repairable.
  • The plumbing assembly used to connect a dishwasher's output drain to an under-sink garbage disposal.
Claim it before it goes on eBay if you want it, and be prepared to pick it up.
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