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And then there was one

Stay Away,” the 13th of 14 tracks of Dick Tracy Must Die, is a song for the desperate – a song of the kind of person so burned, so abused, so bereft of trust that they are unable any longer to ask for help, but can only tell people to stay back, to stay away, not to touch her – with the tiny, dying ember of desperate hope that someone will understand and prove her wrong. But don’t count on it.

It’s paired, in concert, with “Shout at the Desert,” which is, in turn, a song for the lost. “Stay Away” also features the return of the Fake Drumkit, but this time, not for lulz. Enjoy:

And, of course, don’t forget the show: Saturday, 8pm, Bothell, Dara, alone in the Lyons’ Den. Come – if you have a taste for blood.

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