ソーラーバードーのほん: Life in the Convergence Zone

Seattle, Cascadia
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Deerfield Academy - Deerfield MA
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This being a personal journal with too much politics and too few flower pictures, occasionally otherwise known as Your Daily Dose of Down, maintained sometimes too frequently by a vaguely paranoid scientist-geek musician in Seattle.
I don't automatically friend people who friend me. Feel free to put me on your friendslist, but don't get mad if I don't put you on mine. Thanks!

Hiya! I'm a elf girl living in Seattle; I live with my partner Anna, who is also an elf girl, in a household called The Murkworks. I'm a musician, lead of Crime and the Forces of Evil, whose work you can listen to here! I play irish bouzouki, bodhran, mandolin, flute, sing, and am learning to play bass. I also garden and do some workish stuff, particularly economics and politics, which are also covered on this journal but not my music-only journal.

I also used to be a glass sculptor. I have some fairly reasonable pictures of some of my sculpture here. If you like something, please tell me! I used to work in the software industry as a developer but not! anymore! and I don't think I'll be going back. My household runs its own domain at, so I maintain my continuing geek cred by being postmaster and managing some of the servers. I also draw, and occasionally sell drawings, but that's more for my own pleasure than anything else, and make web pages for neighbourhood groups and other design-y things. About twice a year, I write something professionally - usually technical articles about email topics for computer-interest magazines.

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