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ソーラーバードーのほん: Life in the Convergence Zone

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Seattle, Cascadia
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This LJ used to be my personal journal, one with too much politics and too few flower pictures, occasionally otherwise known as Your Daily Dose of Down. All of that is still in the archives, but now it's mostly echoing my self-hosted blog. That said, I do read my friendslist here and I do get and respond to comments here, so believe me, I'm still paying attention! I'll even post things here separately once in a while.

All that aside, yeah hi! I'm Solarbird, the Lightbringer, an elfmetal musician from Seattle; I live with my partner Anna in a household called Murkworks North. I have a band; it's called Crime and the Forces of Evil; we're all supervillains. You can stream our work from here on Bandcamp, and we have a bunch of free downloadable tracks, too.

My native instrument is the flute, but my primary these days is the Irish bouzouki, along with a lot of bass guitar and mandolin. I'm passable at bodhran and djembe, and can theoretically play keyboards, but I don't much. As of July 2014 I'm working on a soundtrack album for a fantasy novel series, and it'll be out soon, so that's very exciting. If you're reading this, say hi!
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