i made a desk and a lot of dumb jokes (with pictures) on twitter last night. ^_^

i love the mid-century aesthetic of the old desk, but it really was too tall for me and using it where there's a lot of keyboard (writing, gaming) was fucking up my arms :/

i definitely want to refinish the old desk. it'd be really nice. i don't know that i will, but I want to.


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an adding machine (from Twitter)

Another bit of Twitter writing, while doing taxes.

I finally got a proper _adding machine_ for taxes.

I love it already.

This thing is _so unlike_ a calculator. I mean, sure, it does the basics - the _very_ basics - but it's so incredibly optimised for accounting. It's _great_.

And that's the key (lol) point, right? It's a calculator in that it calculates, but _not_ a calculator in that it doesn't work like ordinary calculators.

If you put a printer on a calculator - or bring up the "paper tape" in macOS's calculator app - you do _not_ get _this_.

This is a linear descendant of the old mechanical adding machines. Multiplication and division are like a side-car add-on, and they're _still kept_ that way, and for the purposes of accounting?

It's _better_ that way.

And it's better that way because it's, okay, I've got this fuckoff tally going, oh shit, I need to divide some shit or do some percentages, but _that's okay_, I can pop over on the left and do it in basically a calculation fugue state - and then bring it back right and add it in.

_Without_ having to resort to the memory function or any of that nonsense, even though it's got that built in too, so you can basically do _two_ running tallies, separately. And fugue state over for multiplication/division/percentages/taxes w/e on the left when you need them.

And that doesn't even get into the special function like setting fixed digits of printed precision, three rounding modes, stock calculations, stuff like that.

Or the print roll. Holy fuck the print roll, so you can check your entire entry history without it being a nightmare.

macOS's "print roll" functionality in the calculator is _completely wrong and broken_ when it comes to accounting, and Apple should feel bad about it.

I mean, ffs, they have bean counters. Ask _them_.

If this sounds a little like an Adam Savage Favourite Tool video but in tweet form? Yeah maybe lol.

But seriously, I've wanted one for years, I finally said "so what if I only use it a few days a year, it's a good tool" and I've only had it a day and already?

I love it.

ps: how bad is a standard calculator at this task? This bad. It's bad enough that I was using this instead. Really. It's no worse, and in a few ways? Better.

(I got it at an elderly neighbour's garage sale some years ago. It works!)

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There are no more checks on Presidential power.

There are no more checks on Presidential power. None at all. From twitter, like I do. There's a lot of tagging on this one because I wanted it all over the Senate GOP and GOP party notifications - for whatever little that could possibly be worth.

Impeachment fails. The Third American Republic is dead at the hands of the @GOP - and there are _no_ checks on Presidential power. None at all.

The "Party of Small Government" is the party of _sedition_, the party of _unchecked power_, and the party of would-be _dictators_.

[quoted tweet from Charlotte Clymer] - 43 Republicans in the Senate saw our U.S. Capitol attacked by white supremacists after Trump encouraged obstruction and violence and chose to take the coward’s way out. History will remember this. We’ll make damn sure of it.


The @GOP must be burned to the ground. There's no more margin for error. There are literally no repercussions for attempted violent overthrow of an election and the literal storming of Congress by a partisan crowd.

The @SenateGOP - minus seven, thank you - are traitors.


What the treasonous seditionists of the @SenateGOP have just done is validated large-scale violence to attain and maintain power.

This is an out-and-out green light for insurrection by the @GOP. They know there will be no consequences that matter.


Not once you have your hand on some lever of government.

It's like a new Brezhnev Doctrine, but for Republicans. No Republican may lose power, and all other Republicans must intervene - **with violence** - to prevent that loss.

That's the @GOP. The party of sedition has spoken.


I don't know how to make this any more clear, more real, more urgent. I'm not joking, I'm not exaggerating, I'm not _spinning_ this fucking thing.

President Trump launched an insurrection to overturn an election through force.

The Seditionist @GOP just said that's fine.


The @SenateGOP are seditionists and oathbreakers. The @GOP is an active enemy of a small-r republic/small-d democratic state.

And I'm not convinced that even _after this_, the @SenateDems and @HouseDemocrats get it.

The Third American Republic is dead. The @GOP just killed it.


And now look what's trending.

[SCREENCAP: Politics - Trending - TRUMP 2024]

Everything until 2024 will be sabotage, under the "their country or no country" philosophy. (See: https://solarbird.dreamwidth.org/1787715.html )

The @GOP will nominate him, or someone like him, again.

It will get violent, and that's okay.

Their country or no country.


I know the Democrats suck. Okay? Long-time queer activist here. I know how much they suck in _intricate detail_. Don't @ me about it, I FUCKING KNOW.

But the only way to avoid a Christian Nationalist dictatorship is to keep the GOP out of power forever.

Whatever that takes.


I wish I had another answer. But reality isn't giving me one. But reality doesn't give a fuck about what I want. Never has.

The Third American Republic is dead. The @GOP just killed it. Deal with that, or it'll deal with you...


And the @SenateGOP will approve.

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Progress Report: Step 1 Complete

I wrote the plan in my previous post last Friday-Sunday (which is also when I posted it to Patreon, but set public), and started work on Sunday evening.

Of Gods and Monsters Chat Notes status: UP TO DATE. Step 1 complete, 3 days.

This literally added 153 pages to Chat Notes. Sparse pages, but still, pages.


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A plan for getting my writing shit together

I've put together a plan for how to get things back together for the end of The Arc of Conflict. Parts are still a little fuzzy in my brain, but the scale, scope, and action items are taking shape - and that's what I'm talking about covering here.

To be clear, I know what happens. I've known how this ends for a long time, and even how we get there - and we're about there. That's not the problem. But there are so many of pieces involved that there needs to be some real prep, partly because of the scale of things, but more because over the last year and a half, a lot of the organisational maintenance necessary has fallen by the wayside.

But I can fix that. And that's what's going to happen. I'm not going to give myself hard deadlines, because I don't think that's going to be a great idea. I'm still viciously fatigued from all the horribleness of the last year - moreso, I suspect, than I even realise. So it could be an entire week or more for each step. I doubt it, but it's possible - particularly given that there are other things I need to do than just this. (e.g., work.)

Fortunately, many of these steps overlap to some degree, so it's possible that the one week spent on one item will also be a week spent on another item.

(1) The first thing to do: Collect and format all notes.

Pull in various chat notes from tumblr, discord into chat log notes. There will be ... too many sources, but tumblr and discord are the primaries. Find them all, then format and mark up appropriately to standard unorganised notes requirements.

This _should_ take a day. But it won't. It will take more. I'm guessing three to four days, but maybe up to a week. I hope not, but I want to give myself the option of that much time.

Time: 3 days - 1 week

(2) The second thing to do: Reread and digest notes.

Once all those sources are compiled together, properly read through everything and try to digest it. Reading should take an hour, but at the moment? I'm suspecting more of a day or two. And it'll take a couple of days to process in my head.

Time: 2 days - 1 week

(3) The third thing to do: Update Organised Notes.

While digesting all the collected chat notes, begin updating Organised Notes, which is a sorted, rewritten, condensed sub-collection of Chat Notes. This will probably require a readthrough of at least the Arc of Conflict, and maybe more. This is a large chunk of work, as it's so far out of date right now.

This includes:

i. Updating the timeline with all published events.

ii. Calendar verification of those events. This _could_ even require some recons - though I certainly hope not. I'll be loud about it if they do.

iii. OC updates. Several OCs have not yet made it into Organised Notes. This must be remedied.

iv. Canon character characteristic updates. (E.g., Brigitte and Lúcio.)

Once all _that_ is done, we should be re-informed and a lot of headspace should be cleaned up. With some luck, we may be able to write during some of these steps - in particular, as we're reminded of material previously written/discussed.

Time: 1-2 weeks

(4) The fourth thing to do: Clean up Stage.

Stage is the shared Google doc in which we do most of our writing. It contains WIPs and culled ideas, snippets of writing, and etc., all from Chat Notes. Subitems include:

i. Combing through for unimplemented ideas that are still valid and sorting them by in-world order and possibly completion.

ii. Culling _out_ already-implemented and now-invalid ideas. Some of these should end up on Backup Stage.

iii. Minimal reconciling of valid ideas with current state of history. More will have to be done here, but that's more steps 5 and 6.

Time: 2-3 days

(5) Confirm what's left to write and write it.


A lot of what's left is already written. It will be a novelette, most likely, in multiple chapters, all of which will be framed as Edda 20, with probably one fragment, or - at most - two.

And that will end the Arc of Conflict.

(6) Resume work on the Arc of Dominion. Most of the prep work for Dominion should happen naturally as part of the organisational work described above; many stories are, after all, already written. Some of this work will begin in earlier stages, particularly stage 4.

And by that time we will be out of scope of this plan and document and should be in decent working shape again.

I hope. ^_^

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CONVICT, Senate GOP - or declare your treason to all.

Written on Twitter, of course. Here's the original twitter thread.

If you missed it, @SenateGOP - some of you did, looking down, ignoring reality, going LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, like @RandPaul - here's the impeachment manager's video.


There is literally no way that voting for acquittal is anything less than treason.

And what's amazing about this is how much they left out.

The chanting calling for the death of Mike Pence for failing to illegally overturn an election result.

The calls for Nancy Pelosi's execution.

The overhead shot of Trump's mob beating a policeman to death.

The shots we have of active members of a strike force knowing their way around the building.

Of having inside knowledge of targets, of _private_ offices, of specific locations of Democratic legislators.

I suppose they're saving that for further into the trial.

But @SenateGOP - you all already know it happened.

You also know the majority of the @HouseGOP voted to do what the insurrectionists demanded:

Overturn a legal election and install Donald Trump as president against the will of the people.

_You know this._

That, @SenateGOP, is why anything other than a vote to convict is treason.

This was sedition, an insurrection, a plan to overturn an election loss, stoked for a _year_. In _public_.

Most of you went along.

Your _only_ way out - if you even have one - is to convict.

Convict, @SenateGOP. Convict, or declare your sedition - your betrayal of oaths, your treason to the constitution - yet again to the world.

I'll always hold you in contempt. But convict, and maybe - just maybe, you won't all go down in history as the seditious filth you are.

Convict, @SenateGOP.


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Text e19,1: "Message-Id: <f93d63f5-cf92-92f3-91e3-a60f39c3b9@nepal.overwatch.ch>"

Overwatch - or what is left of it - is at war with the Gods of Oasis. Russia is in a parallel war with itself, Katya Volskaya's government against the popular uprising led by the Aleksandra Zaryanova, the Goddess of Russia. As winter sets in, Zarya's March to Moscow has slowed to a crawl.

Athena now knows she can make demands - ones the gods will meet - and takes the action she knows she must.

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict
Text e19,1: "Message-Id: <F93D63F5-CF92-92F3-91E3-A60F39C3B9@nepal.overwatch.ch>"

solarbird and bzarcher

Of Gods and Monsters: The Arc of Conflict is a continuance of The Arc of Ascension, The Arc of Creation, and In the Beginning, there was an Armourer and a Living Weapon. It will be told in a series of eddas, sagas, interludes, fragments, texts, and cantos, all of which serve their individual purposes. To follow the story as it appears, please subscribe to the series.

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