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ARC raffle winners!

Oh right, there’s an ARC winner to announce today! Yay! Let’s see what this d12 has to say:


lj:windbourne, that’s you! Please contact me with a physical mailing address! I’ll also send mail to your LJ inbox.

But wait! There are enough entrants I want to draw a second winner. Oh, Magic Dodecahedron, what do you have to say this second time?

Snakes Point to Twelve

Blog of Evil registered user Wildcard, that’s you! Please contact me with your physical address! I will of course also send you email.

I’ll probably do another drawing next week, for March. Today, though, I’m working on that Kickstarter project video to get a CD duplicator. It’s mostly just documentary – here’s what we do, here’s how we do it, here’s what we want and why – all in two minutes, but it has a couple of hopefully-funny bits as well. I’ve already shot the video and am editing it down this afternoon; I’m hoping to get the voiceovers done later today too. I’ll post about that as soon as it’s up.

Thanks everybody for entering, and I look forward to both reviews! Rawk on, everybody – I’m out! \n/

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