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day ten

One confession.

This one's difficult. I've been working to think of something that everybody doesn't already know, and that I haven't already confessed in some form or another along the way of this meme, which really has kind of become a 10-step process of repudiating most of the last decade. And this is a public post, but even if it wasn't, well, I've been burned - badly - before.

So, it's probably fitting that it comes down to this:
Everything on Dick Tracy Must Die is true.
Well, okay, a couple of dates are changed to scan, and most of the names are placeholders, but otherwise? All true. Particularly the creepiest parts. In fact, I suspect that the more likely it is to sound like a metaphor to you lot, the less likely it actually is to be one.

And that's that. Not the usual kind of meme, is it?
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