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That was surprising!

Good night Gracie, that was a surprise! Apparently the way to get funding is to say that none of the curves show you making funding! XD Thanks so much to everyone who decided to back the project in either money or rebroadcasting – I’d still hoped we’d make it, but I didn’t think we’d close the final 23% overnight. XD Thanks to you all!

The project stays open through the end of the 30-day backing period. If you came to back the project, you still can – we’ll have plenty of expenses beyond basic duplication. Any overage will go towards printing the CD booklet, buying jewel cases and the UPC barcodes you need to be listed on Amazon and played on Pandora – things like that. All the backer rewards are available until the end of the project period.

But mostly this is about thank you! Once the project closes and confirms, we’ll go ahead and place the orders. Payout is delayed a couple of weeks, but that’s what credit cards are for. XD Thanks again!

ps: OH! I almost forgot: the guest appearance I’m making with Leannan Sidhe on Valentine’s Day is actually open to the public! I’d thought it was private. It’s a Humane Society fundraiser in Burien, Washington. $3 minimum donation required. Click over to the shows page for details!

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