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above the fold

Holy crap, we made it above the fold on! HOW DID THAT I DON’T EVEN?! XD But you – yes, you! – help us stay there by clicking here and then clicking on “Vote” under the number in the upper left of the entry. You don’t need an account to vote! Help keep us on the front page! o/

Also, check out these awesome Folklife photos from Ruth Bacharach! I just got email, they’re awesome. XD Here’s one, but there’s more at her link:

photo by Ruth B. Bacharach</a>

Finally, we’re having problems with our upstream IP connectivity again, so the website is a little… spotty… right now. We’ve done with this crap and are going to rebuild from the ground up, so if things are a little weird, we’re not going away. It’s because KILL ALL TELCOS. Seriously. Death by fire.

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