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we can make more gear

More DIY gear! A bodhran is a kind of Irish drum, you see them around a bit more than you probably realise. They’re played with a kind of drumstick called a tipper. I saw Alec playing a bodhran with a tipper made out of bamboo skewers last year, at a fair. I liked the sound, took a couple of pics, and figured out how to make one myself! And I’ve posted a video on how.

Mine looks fairly different to his, but it has the sound. Mine looks like this:

Bamboo Tipper

Nub detail

Other detail shots here and here. And enjoy a how-to video! It’s a single-day project and very easy. The video did not take longer to make, however – it’s not that easy. XD

I have a plan for the Trad O’ th’ Month. Going to try to record it next week. It’ll be fun. ^_^

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