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apocalypse jaguar

It has been suggested on the Livejournal echo that “Apocalypse Jaguar” is a good band name. My immediate thought was that Seven and the Ragged Tiger was Duran Duran’s Apocalypse Jaguar cover band.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Comment here with one more more albums from Apocalypse Jaguar’s discography. Should you feel like image-searching for album art, that would be epic.

2. Alternatively, comment here with your entry for:

“Apocalypse Jaguar is my _______________ cover band.”

If there are enough good answers, I’ll turn this into a poll, and the winner of the poll gets a free autographed Dick Tracy Must Die CD, suitable for playing, framing, evangelising the band (ahem) or distracting guards during your jailbreak.

Ready… steady… GO!

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