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WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH MEANS TO ME: Taking back apologies for systematic child rape by priests. Cardinal Egan: "I never should have [apologised] ... I don't think we did anything wrong." My repulsion knows no bounds. Hey, Catholics, you gonna do anything about this? Vatican takes back apology to the child rape victims of priests.

Meanwhile, California eliminates all state funding for libraries.

In good news, there's no more so much need for .torrent file servers: Tribler makes them unnecessary. This is by design, and a response to censorship. Fuck you, DNS breaking ACTA/SOPA/Protect-IP assholes. You lose.

Also, if you're following band blog posts on Facebook for some reason, and doing it on my personal account? Like the band page now to keep doing it! I have to crosspost those by hand, and I'm not going to anymore because it's more work than it's worth. (Google+ too; here's the Google+ band page.)
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