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It’s all been fair and venue applications and maintenance and junk this latter half of the week, I don’t have much to say. So if you’re in Seattle, go to Leannan Sidhe’s show on Sunday, it’s her last Seattle show for a while. If you’re in Boston, Heather Dale has a show TONIGHT, at Boskone, so you’re in luck!

If you know any good venues for, oh, me, drop me a note! As always I’m looking for house concert hosts, I swear it’s easy, talk to me, but not just those. (All these applications are for events and fairs and such.) Plus don’t forget my show in Portland on the 26th!

And if you want to plug somebody else’s show to my audience this weekend? Do it here, in comments!

From said comments:
Vixy & Tony, Saturday night, 8pm, Wayward Coffeehouse, Seattle
The Doubleclicks/Adam Warrock/Kirby Krackle, Friday night, 6:30pm, Mt. Tabor, Portland

I have a couple of things in progress but I’ll talk about those more when I have enough to make a post about. Have a good weekend!

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