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ok ok you guys listen seriously

Hey, check this shit out – a progrock concept album about the fall of Princess Luna and the rise of Nightmare Moon. It is epic. Also, another reminder: Leannan Sidhe’s album kickstarter closes on Friday. Best go now while good backer rewards are available. :D

We got some suggestions in various places (Livejournal, Facebook) about new names for the local hardware store which has decided it needs a liquor license. Pick y’r favourite!

Spirits and Sandpaper: what do we rename the hardware store?

  • [ ] Amputations R Us
  • [ ] Big Jim's Whiskey, Chainsaws, & First Aid Supplies
  • [ ] Hammered & Nailed
  • [ ] Hard and Hammer
  • [ ] Spirits & Sandpaper
  • [ ] Something Else (add in comments, I'll update poll)
[[ CLICK HERE TO VOTE the buttons do nothing ]]

Finally, here, have this awesome NASA video of the Venus transit. I watched a few live feeds at once, because I could! HI THE FUTURE!

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