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will you look at this thing

Will you look at this awesome thing I mean damn:

two turntables but no microphone

It’s a Gaumont Chronophone, which is an even better name than I’d've expected, because it implies that you control time through sound. Also totally not real and not a mockup unless the name is a joke by the time traveller who went to the past and built it as a gag.

I gotta know what that bad baby sounds like scratching the ragtime mix. I just gotta.

Been rehearsing for the Westercon show (Friday, July 6th, 8pm) with Leannan and Marcos; yes, for Westercon, we’ll be a three-piece. \o/ In particular, if you’re there, you’ll be the very first people ever to hear one of the new original songs for the Bone Walker soundtrack project. We went through the setlist last night, and we’re like, yeah.

Tonight, we’ll be doing a G+ hangout live, Leannan and me both from my studio so we can actually play together. I’m not sayin’ we’re doing Sad Muppet, but I am saying it is in the campaign, depending upon who else we encounter on the way.

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