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A few articles worth reading

Here, four articles worth your time:

This one's floating around several places out there: how the expiration of extended FDIC deposit insurance could produce negative interest rates. At the end of the year, the FDIC's unlimited insurance on noninterest-bearing transaction accounts ends. At that point, it will revert down to $250,000 per account. This removes about US$1.6T in accounts from loss protection.

Alphaville floats the working theory that the credit bubble was a symptom, rather than cause of trouble, and asserts that a productivity bubble - a result of technology - caused the crash. It's an interesting theory, and they echo it back to the 1920s radio bubble.

See also: Towards a Steady-State Economy, also on Alphaville.

On Europe and the Eurozone: Misdiagnosing the Eurozone crisis: Perspectives from Asia, by Pradumna B. Rana.

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