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I made an art

I don't do much light psychedelia - I'm mostly a designer, which is kind of the opposite of that - but Leannan Sidhe asked me to do a poster for their upcoming show, and that's the sort of thing they and their audience enjoy. So I gave it a go last night:

Leannan Sidhe at Wayward Coffee

From a design standpoint, it's a bit all over the place, but hi, psychedelia. Leannan Sidhe are quite happy with it, which is good. It's not like the posters I make for my own shows, but I got to use some techniques I rarely use, and that was a lot of fun. The starfields and moon graphic come via NASA; the band outlines and the outcropping the band is standing on are things I drew off of a couple of different band photos.

The print resolution copy (huge) is here. I really like how the curves of their logo interact with the moon surface - you can see it better at print resolution. That was all new technique for me (and is a bunch of stacked layers) and I think that came out well.

Oh, and the show is October 27th at 8pm, in Seattle, at Wayward Coffee. As you can tell from the poster. I hope. XD

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