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Here's something you don't see very often: a major currencies transaction big enough that it's visible across several charts, and locale-limited. Check this shit out from midnightish, Cascadian time - market opening in the Eurozone.

First, the US Dollar Index, which is a composite index of the dollar against a basket of major currencies:
See that big spike up? That's the transaction.

Now check these:

Aus$ vs. US$

UK£ vs. US$

€ vs. US$

And note also what didn't really budge:

JP¥ vs. US$
This isn't necessarily a big indicator of anything other than someone needing to move some money around; you see it occasionally. But it's not normally quite so obvious; they tend to spread the transactions over a longer period, to prevent exactly that kind of spike, and get a better rate. But since it was so obvious at such a high level, I thought I'd share. ^_^

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