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of all the (boring horror movie titles)

On Twitter, around midnight, I saw:

James Urbaniak ‏@JamesUrbaniak Rosemary’s Tumblr #boringhorrormovies
Danny Zuker@DannyZuker Paralegal activity. #BoringHorrorMovies

Aaaaand we’re off:

Solarbird Bakula. #BoringHorrorMovies (Scott)
Solarbird The Mommy #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird Interview with the Umpire #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird Invasion of the Bawdy Catchers #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Slide: One All-Star’s Search for Recovery #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird The Fandom of the Opera. #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird The House of 1000 Bourses #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird The Abominable Jackson Fives #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird The Common Centipede #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird ‏Children of the Koi #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird Prints of Darkness: Photographic Processing in Film Noir #BoringHorrorMovies
Solarbird Stephen King’s TWIT. #boringhorrormovies

I’m pretty pleased with The Abominable Jackson Fives, I have to say.

Colin Birge (@WoS) and S. T. Rev (@St_Rev) were also playing, along with a lot of Twitter.

Your turn!

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