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a brief political note

Why the fundamentalist movement is done. This article gets to what I've been saying about that topic, and more importantly, is terrifying to them.


Some of them get it. That's good and bad. They need to rant themselves into total political bankruptcy - they've been long-past ethical and moral bankruptcy for many years, but not political. Now they need to complete the trifecta; if they figure it out, they might not, and that would be bad.

Fortunately, most of them seem to be more in a mood to try to double-down again. But we'll see whether that survives the winter meetings of the money. I have my doubts - if there's one thing the money hates, it's terrible, terrible investments and losses, and the fundamentalists now have the stink of loser on them - but they're going to have a really difficult time pulling them back in at this point. I question whether the money have the control they think they have.

They're already exerting a lot of pressure, tho'. Watch finances closely. The debt question in December and January and how that's handled will be most telling.

On a much lower level to all of this, the Rolling Jubilee may be an idea of interest. The specific goal is to buy distressed debt from banks and from debt collectors (at the usual debt-collector steeeeep discount) and instead of going after collection, cancel the debt. Sounds interesting.

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