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Driving down to Portland for a show, my car decided it didn't like its new front axles and tried to spit them out. NOT FUNNY.

Along the way to getting a tow from Sears (in Three Rivers Mall) and making it to the train station, my backpack went away.

There are electronics in it that I care about, but MUCH MORE, I lost two musical instruments which were inside, including the first bamboo piccolo I ever made, which has been kind of a constant companion ever since. Seriously, I am pretty fucked up about this. I wrote so much music on that thing it isn't even funny, and now it's just gone.

The backpack is red and grey with black straps. The black straps are a bit worn upon examination. It has a leather bottom. Hanging from the zipper in back are Squid Girl and the bassist from K-On. The flute is in a case made of a red rose ribbon and green backing fabric. I can describe other contents in some detail. This is an old picture before I had anything hanging from the zipper:

The blurry ribbon-thing at the bottom is Popcorn's sleeve. Here's a picture of Popcorn:

If you know anyone in Kelso and Longview (all this was within Kelso, not over in Longview), please ask them to be looking for it. I am offering a reward for the bag and contents, no questions asked. Once I have a working car again - which should be Tuesday - I will pick up. Please contact darako at murkworks dot net. Thanks.

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