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"Name a price."

I just got this in email:

I have replied with this text:

Please clarify; are you saying you have the bag and contents and want to know what it's worth to me, or are you offering to help find it, for a price?

The link goes to a page full of broken tiles which want me to install a plugin to view. That will not be happening. If you have photos of the bag, please send them to me in .jpg format or similar.

I have already changed my very many separate and strong passwords - I started doing it by phone on the train trip home - so if you're thinking of looting the electronics, be aware that there's not a lot of opportunity for that.

- Dara

ETA: This is confirmed to be a phishing scam. My Google-fu is not up to speed this morning. Useful URL on this new scam here.

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