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every so often there needs to be reminders

I used to talk about this a lot more than I do now; people always blew me off, but it's important.

The American fundamentalist movement isn't opposed to queer marriage; they're opposed to queer existence.

They would be much happier if we did not exist. At all. If we have to exist, our existence should be illegal, and we should be at least jailed, if not killed, when we're found.

Every so often, as rights advance, and we're persecuted less, and they're only talking about the current issue, it's possible to forget that. And every so often, they'll get excited about something. They'll slip. It won't make major news, because supporting GBLT elimination is still politically palatable - tho' less than it once was.

This just happened with the recent reported advancement of Uganda's death penalty for homosexuality bill. Being GBLT is already illegal in Uganda; they find you, they send you to jail, if you don't get killed extrajudicially along the way; this new bill adds the death penalty, and punishes heterosexuals for not turning you in to police, and more.

Which is why Tony Perkins of Focus on the Family's Family Research Council, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, and Scott Lively, noted anti-gay activist and author of The Pink Swastika, which asserts that gay men ran the Nazi party and the death camps - really, it's a new form of holocaust denial - are celebrating.
They see Uganda as a positive example. They helped author this would-be genocide, after all, and while they deny it in front of some audiences, the facts and history are plain. Scott Lively and his presentations of The Pink Swastika were big factors in getting this ramped up; the book is very much a Protocols of the Elders of Zion for queers.

And of course, that's on purpose.

As Bryan Fisher in particular cheers, and takes hope; with enough hate, and enough work: can be done.

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