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GOP and Feinstein join to fulfill Obama's demand for renewed warrantless eavesdropping
This article zeroes in on what I said before Mr. Obama's first election: that all his promises and rhetoric on civil liberties were lies, and you knew that before the election.
The 'war on terror' - by design - can never end
I don't know why anybody even contests this. Mr. Bush's secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, said this outright. It wasn't supposed to end, and if and when it eventually did in some many decades, the public would never know.
Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy
Active integration with banks to crack down on anti-bank dissent under the name 'Domestic Security Alliance Council.'
Petraeus Investigation: When and How the FBI Can Access Email Accounts
ABC explains the many ways the Feds can legally - if you ignore the constitution, as is normal - ransack your email for any or no reason.
Beaten and sodomized: European human rights court finds CIA guilty of torture
Meanwhile, well, what do you expect?
Military judge bans the release of CIA torture techniques used against 9/11 suspects
...but you don't get to know about it. This whole spies-everywhere regime doesn't mean you get to know.

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