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old-school battlestar

So, back when the original Battlestar Galactica aired, and lasted one year, there was a terrible - I mean terrible - sequel series was made called Galactica 1980, and was supposed to be about finding Earth. It had one good episode, and even that one was set back in the original-series era and was about what happened to that version of Starbuck. (It was basically a late episode of the original series, and had almost nothing to do with Galactica 1980 at all. Really, it should be edited in as part of the original run, tho' of course it can't be... and that's not important right now.)

All that exposition completed, you now have enough data to understand this:

Some fans of the original 1978 series decided to take all of Galactica 1980, and, from that footage and some original-series footage, put together a series finale for the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica. They also steal footage from other shows - mostly effects footage - and include new SFX of their own to have it make sense. (For example, there's a clip from Independence Day, only now, the alien raiders are original-series Cylon raiders.)

If any of this makes any sense to you at all, please enjoy:

Battlestar Galactica: The Promised Land

It's a bit slow in the middle, and a little choppy up front, but it finishes well. Unlike most of these fan-redits of incomplete series, this one has a proper ending, and the way they do it is pretty good. All ♥ to you, crazy fans! All ♥ to you and your crazy fanac.

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