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first segment

Recorded the first segment for the nwcMUSIC pilot podcast last night, with Nicole Dieker from Hello The Future! It went really well and we may actually keep some the second half of the conversation for episode two, because we got going on musical culture and what that means, and went well over time. It was a lot of fun; I think you’ll enjoy listening to it.

We are specifically incorporating some of the feedback we got, by the way. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell.

Still have a few more interviews to do, though. I’m trying to have four different people on this pilot episode, representing a bunch of different kinds of geekmusic. Mostly people have already signed up, but there’s still scheduling to work out.

Hopefully we can get this in the can quickly; I want this out as soon as I can manage, so there’s time for people to listen to it before Norwescon. Zoom zoom zoom!

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