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second valor of the healer giveaway

Anna is raffling off two copies of Valor of the Healer over at her author blog today. Get it before Carina Press’s release! She’s asking about your favourite musical characters, so go answer.

Also, I posted a short ECCC roundup here, late yesterday. If you only read things in the morning, there’s your link! And I have a live appearance coming up on … a web series I can’t name yet. But pencil in two weeks from tonight!

This podcast project is going to make me upgrade software. And possibly hardware. It’s not that it’s so insanely complex – it’s most assuredly not – it’s just that it’s so. long. I have about eight hours of source material to edit down into a bit over an hour, and apparently single tracks of two and a half hours make it a little cranky. And crashy. Whup, there went the GUI again. SURPRISE!

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