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now it can be told

So in awesome news of awesomeness, I’ve been offered and have accepted a spot as musical guest on an upcoming live episode of The Cosmic Ray Show. The official website is here. I’m appearing with people who have actually, you know, done things – Discovery space columnist Amy Shira Teitel, Ryan Kobrick from Yuri’s Night, NASA/JPL engineer Matthew Robinson – so I need to get my shit together! XD

Does this thing have production codes? It should have production codes.

It’ll be livestreamed a few places, most notably YouTube, starting at 8pm Cascadian/Pacific, 11pm Eastern Standard, and a kind of problematic 12:30am Newfoundland (sorry! But that’s live web series for you). I’m in the closing segment.

So, tune in, if you can! And tell people. They already have a pretty good chunk of audience, but I would like to bring in a bit more.

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