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some urgent system maintenance and also a podcast preview

Looks like we get to replace some hardware in the Lair’s MASSIVE ELECTRONIC BRAIN tonight. We were already scheduled to do this sometime this weekend, but, whelp, somebody stuck their little robot head in the data stream, and we’re just lucky they aren’t in control of the reactor.

So we’ll be dropping offline tonight, assuming we make it that long. If a big chunk of the earth’s crust flies into space suddenly tonight? It’s not my fault.

ETA: And we’re back! That was nightmarish but it’s fixed. We’re live!

Meanwhile, have a quick podcast preview:

It’s all! Right! There!

Okay, it’s not actually all right there, because the screen whited out a bit. But all the segments are done, the rest is wrapper and introduction and a little more stitching together. We’ll be out MONDAY with Episode One – not that episode one – even with all this.

Oh, and check this shit out; it’s a real-life 3D-drawing pen. It draws with melty plastic IN AIR. I am NOT EVEN JOKING, it is just that cool.

See you when I see you…

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