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editing and editing and editing

Writing up the news and DIY segments for the podcast – I have several via email, thanks, and if you hurry you can still get yours in – and editing the discussion spots with Rai Kamishiro and Nicole Dieker of Hello, The Future!

I kind of remembered but also kind of forgot how far off intended topic Rai and I went. There’s a lot in here about the difficulties of trying to have your art even valued enough for people to bother hitting play (in our cases) at all, and the ways people frame – to devalue, mostly – your art based on their ideas of what your role (in society, in fandom, in whatever) should be, in their minds.

Really, the discussion surprised me several times, in part just because of the shared experiences. It reminded me a little of this article on how what wine tastes like really depends upon what you think of the label.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not all depressing and stuff. Rai’s hilarious and will just go, and I left a lot of that in.

I’m also keeping it shorter this time. I think the pilot episode – which is of course still online for you to play – ran longer than it should’ve, even with my aggressive editing. This episode will be more like 45 minutes. Easier to download, easier to listen to on YouTube, or wherever.

Anyway, last call for submissions! Also, I’m looking for a co-host, if I keep doing this. Are you into geekmusic? Chiptunes, elfmetal, filk, geekrock, nerdcore, whatever. Do have an urge to talk about it? Do you have a reasonably decent microphone and an internet connection? Do you have a superpower or minion card, or, failing that, are a loner with no strong social ties or familial relationships who won’t be missed? If so, contact me! I’m looking for a research subject co-host.

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