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a tiny bit late

Hey, everybody – sorry, but the new Geekmusic Podcast is going to be a tiny bit late. I’m still going to try for tonight but it isn’t likely, because we have the talented Sunnie Larsen in today to record fiddle for the Free Court of Seattle/Bone Walker soundtrack album! We’re doing two tracks today, we hope.

Also, I admit, it’s because I didn’t get finished editing last night. I swear, it wasn’t being distracted by Nintendo and Sony doing that doubles dance over the remains of Microsoft’s gaming console reputation. (Goddammit Steve Ballmer, you made Sony the good guys again. YOU MADE SONY THE GOOD GUYS. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?)

But I digress. In this episode, we have Vicka Corey from Boston band Local Midnight, we play a song from their new live album, and Klopfenpop and MC-3P0 and C0splay come by again as well. I’ll try to finish it tonight, but it probably won’t be uploaded to YouTube until sometime tomorrow. The mp3 will be available as soon as it’s finished – watch the Podcast page!

PS: I used to be a glass sculptor – gallery shows and everything – and I’m clearing out my old studio. Take a look, see if there’s anything you like.

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