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episode three june 2013

The Geekmusic Podcast, Episode 3: June 2013 is live! We play a track from Boston band Local Midnight’s first live album, chat with Death*Star and Klopfenpop about music and culture and art and generally cut up in the studio, there’s geekmusic news including a surprising project from The Heather Dale Band, and more. Enjoy!

MP3 download version only, so far; the YouTube version will follow hopefully in a few hours, we hope, but we wanted to get this online right away. YouTube version timing depends upon what happens with the Surprise Plumbing Event today.

You never, ever, want Surprise Plumbing Events. In case that was in any doubt.

Anyway. Clickie!

Mirrored from Crime and the Blog of Evil. Come listen to our music!

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