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fiddler at work

The talented Sunnie Larsen, as seen from the engineer’s desk, recording tracks for the Bone Walker soundtrack album.

The sound is clearer than the photo

If anyone’s curious, the two microphones involved are an Octava 012 (underneath, for lows) and an AKG Perception 200 (overhead), which seems to like Sunnie’s violin.

More SFWAdenfreude: word is that SpecFriction, the site leaking all the SFWA commentary, is getting DMCA takedown notices. Grab screencaps while you can. Also, you may be interested in S. L. Huang’s comprehensive timeline of the SFWA clusterfuck. Finally, Anna links to some juicy sexist criticising-me-is-violating-my-free-speech whinging in her latest post.

I love fireworks season, don’t you?

eta: Mary Robinette Kowal just lets some people absolutely have it. Tasty.

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