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a reduction in sfwadenfrude

Oh my, it seems that SFWA has finally rid itself of, well, they don’t say, but we all know which white supremacist it would be, don’t we? I don’t see how they could’ve done anything else, after he used SFWA official channels to promote an overtly-racist screed against another member of the organisation.

The fact – again, just plain fact – that he’s a white Christian male supremacist who explicitly states that only white Christian men are capable of civilisation and must therefore rule everyone else? That’s just icing on this cake.

Oh, look, Scalzi seems to be in a musical mood all of a sudden. Huh, funny. I also a song coming to mind for some reason; there’s no studio version yet, but The Mighty IF posted some audience video from a Toronto house concert, that’s a start…

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Tags: amused, and they said i was mad, politics, sfwadenfreude
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