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underground lair with guest house you say

A house, but with a second underground lair house you say? Like in that Alicia Silverstone/Brandon Frasier movie, Blast from the Past, you say? Only the 70s, not the 50s, so it looks like Janet’s mom’s house in Shock Treatment, you say? Only entirely actually genuinely real? you say?

holy hell!

And the underground house even has its own guest lair house, you say?


God damn. I am not evil enough to live in Las Vegas; I’m the wrong kind of supervillain. But were I? I would be all over this shit. I mean it. Go watch the video, or look at more pictures. You can even walk all the way around the underground house, it’s in the middle of its very own Brady Bunch shag carpet lawn.

They also have some pictures of the upper house, but IDGAF. Use it for storage, whatever, nobody cares. This? This is sheer epic awesomeness. This is somebody’s dream lair.

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